Achille Varzi led the 1930 Targa
Florio in his super fast Alfa
Romeo P3 from the start.  On
lap 67 his car developed a
serious fuel leak from the tank.
Louis Chiron, in a blue Bugatti
was following closely in second
place. The always intense Varzi
refused to give up his lead to
repair the leak. At the last
depot in the mountains, they
collected a can of gasoline.
Varzi shouted orders for his
mechanic to stand up, lean over
the back of the Alfa and pour
the gasoline into the tank while
they were speeding on a
downhill part of the coarse!  
This he did, but only a small
percentage of the fuel got into
the tank. Most of it sprayed all
over the place.  When it landed
on the red hot exhaust pipe, the
entire rear of the car ignited in
flames. Louis Chiron had
problems of his own.  His
mechanic became ill, and was
vomiting and finally fainted. At
times the man was nearly
thrown from the race car. And
this is how they came across the
finish line. Achille Varzi
crossed first, leaning as far
forward as he could to keep
away from the flames, while his
mechanic, who had ripped out
the seat cushion was frantically
beating at the fire. Louis
Chiron crossed only a few
seconds later, holding his
unconscious mechanic to keep
him from falling out of the car
on the treacherous road coarse
with one hand, and steering
with the other.
1930 Alfa Romeo P3
Achille Varzi
Targa Florio
Grand Prix Models
1/43rd scale
1930's Grand Prix Cars Racing Sound